diploma 4

Immigration administration

Course Highlights

The Diploma of Immigration Administration, as a leading vocational higher education in Indonesia, is specifically designed for students interested in the study of government, public administration, public policy, public management which focus on migration and border control governance. The course is aligned with the practices of Indonesian immigration policy and global migration that demonstrate a link and match between theory and industry. Also, students are provided with an academic environment, scientific development, leadership programs, and innovation paradigm.

This course offers a regular class with a blended learning method such as a face-to-face and a virtual learning program. The course is student-centered learning with interactive teaching, a group discussion, a laboratory practice, collaborative research, and an internship program at airports, seaports, and land borders. This diploma program supports graduates who will continue to master’s degrees in public administration or migration and border studies.

length of study

The course has 8 semesters and not exceeding 4 years of full-time study with a total of 145 credits. Diploma 4 is equal to a bachelor’s degree which is accredited by a national standard (BAN-PT).

Career Opportunities

Graduates are prepared to be a government worker (JFT) as an immigration analyst, immigration officer, immigration inspector, and a leader (JA) at the Directorate General of Immigration Indonesia, Immigration offices across Indonesia, Immigration Detention Centre in Indonesia, and representative offices overseas (KBRI or KJRI). You must be ready to be posted at any working units across Indonesia’s regions

Research and Community Engagement 

Students will learn about research design and research methodology as a required subject. Students will conduct an internship program in semesters 1, 3, and 5. In semester 8, students must complete a final project (skripsi) and pass the project exam as partial fulfillment of the study. 


Building a Leading Study Program in Indonesia in the field of Immigration Administration that Creates Professional, Character, and Global-Minded Immigration Officers


Improving the quality of teaching and learning through the participation of students based on practicum that is oriented to information systems.

Making research results in the field of immigration administration with novelty as reputable publications and national references.

Applying science in community service programs that are appropriate and on target referring to benefits and innovation towards an independent and superior society.

Organizing educational management, educational technology, and educational evaluation that are effective, accountable and transparent.

Improve the competence of lecturers and education staff through training, workshops, seminars, regular conferences, and higher education.


Being a vocational college in charge of immigration studies, the Immigration Polytechnic simultaneously organizes academic activities and campus traditions. Some of the academic activities and traditions of the Immigration Polytechnic can be seen in the following gallery. 

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