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The Diploma of Immigration Administration is a leading vocational higher education in Indonesia creating professional immigration border officers with integrity in Indonesia. This program is specifically designed for students interested in the study of government, public administration, public policy, public management, which focus on immigration policy and border control management. Students are provided with an academic environment, scientific development, leadership programs, and innovation paradigm. With core values of accountability, transparency, innovation, academic integrity, and research, we try to achieve our goals to implement academic culture and student-centred learning, to create graduates with knowledge, skills, and attitude. Also, to develop migration and border studies with a multidisciplinary approach. I hope all graduates will develop their careers, upgrade their skills, and achieve great success as a professional immigration officer in the future.

Head of Diploma 4 Program in Immigration Administration


Intan Nurkumalawati, Amd.Im, S.I.P., MPA


our lecturer

The process of implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education in the Immigration Technology Management Study Program at the Immigration Polytechnic is analyzed and evaluated on the basis of: (1) the spirit of carrying out continuous improvement and (2) improving the quality of higher education at the Immigration Polytechnic and (3) university quality standards. The height set by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

Dosen Wisnu

NIDN : 3626116401

Dosen Agung
Agung Sulistyo Purnomo

NIDN : 3621058501

Dosen Arief
arief febrianto

NIDN : 3603027501

Dosen Rahma
rahmawati nurul jannah

NIDN : 3611058701

Dosen Tyo
Mochammad Ryanindityo

NIDN : 3603088701

sri kuncoro bawono

NIDN : 3612048801

Dosen Hanifa
hanifa maulidia

NIDN : 302108902

Dosen Seno1
seno setyo pujonggo

NIDN : 3602048401

Dosen Ponco
koesmoyo ponco aji

NIDN : 3612128101

Dosen Rita2

NIDN : 3621067701

Dosen Budi

NIDN : 3601047401

virra wirdiningsih

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Dosen Bobby
bobby briando

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