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The Immigration Administration Study Program is domiciled at the Pengayoman Campus, the Indonesian Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM), Law and Human Rights, Jalan Raya Gandul No. 4 Cinere Depok, West Java. There the Immigration Technology Management Study Program occupies buildings called Ksatrian AIM, this knight has various educational support facilities, such as sports facilities in the form of a gym, archery, tennis court, futsal field, basketball court, volleyball court. and facilities for Language Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Immigration Practice Laboratory and Library.

1. auditorium

Soepomo Auditorium, the main hall which is also a landmark of the Immigration Polytechnic campus. The auditorium is a building of pride and a sacred place for the Immigration Polytechnic academic community. The auditorium is in the form of the main building where ceremonial and traditional activities of the Immigration Polytechnic academic community are carried out and public lectures.

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The Immigration Polytechnic Campus is equipped with 6 Training Dormitory and 6 Education Dormitory. With the concept of coordinated care, the existing dormitories are divided into several small rooms with two people in the Education Dormitory and a large room with four people in the Training Dormitory. Each room is equipped with an en suite bathroom, balcony, and fine furniture to support educational activities and nurture students. In addition, the Immigration Polytechnic Dormitory is also equipped with a recreation room, large lobby, garden and parking lot that support the comfort of its residents.


Worship facilities for the Muslim academic community, providing 24-hour worship space for all adherents of the Islamic religion. Al Maidah Mosque, as a centre of Islamic religious worship at the Immigration Polytechnic, also provides religious studies for the Immigration Polytechnic academic community. This mosque is also a place to practice in community organisations for cadets to manage houses of worship, organise holiday celebrations, and train places in leading worship activities.

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The Immigration Polytechnic has an integrated sports field for several sports branches to support academic activities, training, coaching, and developing self-potential. The sports branches are tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, futsal and table tennis. In addition, other grass fields in the campus environment can be converted for sports activities of the Immigration Polytechnic academic community, such as archery and martial arts.


The Immigration Polytechnic Campus is equipped with two open parade grounds and one indoor parade ground. For flag ceremonies and main ceremonies, the open parade ground can accommodate up to 2000 participants in a row, while the indoor parade ground can accommodate half of the open parade ground. The entire parade ground is used regularly by cadets according to activities such as big day ceremonies, flag ceremonies, corps and judicial meetings. In addition, the parade ground can be used for other incidental events.

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Ornamental gardens and fruit tree gardens surround the Immigration Polytechnic Campus. Every building, both educational buildings and supporting buildings, is equipped with a garden. Apart from being a decoration, the garden at the Immigration Polytechnic can also function as a place for learning and discussion for cadets. The gardens are arranged in such a way as to provide shade and become the lungs of the campus.


The dining hall does not only function as a place to eat for cadets, but the dining hall is created as a shared communication space between cadets during meals. The Immigration Polytechnic's dining hall is designed to accommodate all cadets, lecturers and educational facilitators at every meal. With a family atmosphere, the dining hall is one of the centres for cadet activities on campus.


A support service unit that provides additional needs for the Immigration Polytechnic academic community. A canteen with a variety of foods provides additional intake for consumers. Cooperatives as a provider of daily necessities provide accessible on-campus services for cadets. The existence of national bank ATMs in the Immigration Polytechnic environment provides flexibility in banking access for the Immigration Polytechnic academic community


The polyclinic at the Immigration Polytechnic is standardised for level 1 health facilities. As a health support unit for the academic community, the polyclinic is strengthened by five general practitioners, two dentists, and two nurses. The polyclinic at the Immigration Polytechnic campus also serves the provision of generic drugs for service users.

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To meet the need for parking spaces for lecturers, facilitators and guests, the Immigration Polytechnic has several parking areas for 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled vehicles. There are three parking areas for two-wheeled vehicles and seven parking areas for four-wheeled vehicles. In addition, there are two parking areas for special vehicles such as buses, garbage trucks and ambulances. Furthermore, to support the security of the campus environment, there are security posts at all access to/out campus and guard posts at several intersection points on campus.


The Immigration Polytechnic campus has been equipped with integrated waste processing facilities to support the green campus concept. Every day, the waste management team collects waste that has been sorted by garbage bin according to its type to be sent and destroyed at the waste incineration unit located on campus.